Hotel Csillag Tokaj, H-4465 Rakamaz, Horgász utca 3.

Halra Bor Restaurant

The Halra Bor Restaurant belonging to the hotel, whose name also tells the direction, awaits the Guests staying with our guests with fish dishes and fine Tokaj-Hegyalja wines. Of course, traditional Hungarian dishes are also on offer.

History of the restaurant

At the site of the building, the II. before World War II, a bridge guard house stood, which was destroyed, presumably by bombing the bridge. In the 1950s, when the new Elizabeth Bridge was built, it functioned as a parade building for the builders, and then in 1978, when the pioneering camp of the village of Rakamaz was built, it was the canteen for the camp residents. We have to reassure you that we have not operated the place as a canteen since it opened in 1994!

Traces of the pioneering past can still be discovered on the north wall of the restaurant, where the work of artist Hussar is on display. This wall has already been the subject of a lot of conversation among our guests: someone is definitely annoyed, there are people who are in a good mood, but there are also people who show it to their friends every time they go. We don’t think it would be up to anyone to decide the fate of this legacy that we want to preserve for posterity, along with the surviving memoirs from the 1980s drawn by hundreds of little drummers and pioneers during their full happy camp.

After the last small drummer left, the property became the property of the municipality of Rakamaz, who rented it out for the purpose of having children, while our family business bought it in 1994. Until the end of the millennium, we mainly catered for the guests of the 100-seat tourist house belonging to the restaurant, and the services for tourists passing through the city and the passers-by were in the second place. Changing our approach, for more than 10 years now we have been focusing mainly on the care of individual guests here in the winter and summer at the confluence of the Bodrog and the Tisza.

Our philosophy

Hospitality, like other professions, is constantly evolving and is perhaps not an exaggeration at all to be classified as one of the most innovative sectors. A good host will never be satisfied with the knowledge and expertise you have already acquired! We are always open-minded in the world, because even from a grandmother, or even from a country in the Far East, one can get a recipe, technology or procedure that makes the offer more special and unique. Today, it is no longer enough to present only the delicious or the healthy or the aesthetic in front of the guest - the food today must meet all three expectations. At that time, we didn’t even talk about consciously sourcing raw ingredients, or the importance of learning about regional dishes, or even meeting the culinary needs of vegetarian or vegan guests.

In addition to the quality of fresh products purchased from local producers and fishermen, it is also important for us to make a living, and Hungarian products are given priority over foreigners or raw materials produced in the region, even in Transdanubia. To illustrate the above, we try to get fish from Uncle Béla from the fisherman in Tokaj, vegetables from Gávavencsellő from the producer, wine from Rátka from the Angel Winery, meat from the butcher from Rakamaz.



In our opinion, the secret of a good restaurant is not the length of the menu, the army of complicated dishes and the series of fatty dishes often disguised as Hungarian. When compiling our menu, we also tried to line up regional, reform and traditional dishes. We do not tell a big secret that the proximity of Tokaj-Hegyalja and the two rivers is included in almost all our catches. At the beginning of our menu you will find our weekly or monthly offer, which always changes according to the seasons and seasons, as we prefer the best fresh pumpkin or letcho summer ingredients, but we also prefer to eat pork and carnival donuts in winter. Then comes the permanent menu - which is not an Andersen tale - as we didn’t aim to offer a thousand or one of the medium-sized dishes. This is because we think the larger the menu, the less fresh and tasty the food. Like many of us, sometimes us, we made the mistake of wanting to be a fisherman's tavern, an Italian tavern, a Hungarian brewery, a Turkish fast food restaurant and a Thai buffet at the same time, so that everyone could find their calculation by flipping through the menu. We think this is a bad idea, as we need different ingredients, technology and staff to run an Italian pizzeria, a Thai buffet, a Turkish fast food restaurant, a Hungarian canteen and a fishing tavern. We try to be good in local, home-made dishes, mainly made from fish and even with the addition of Tokaj wine! With this philosophy we want to show a new direction in this region, we hope to your satisfaction!

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